Eight matches are scheduled for Tuesday in the Champions League group stage. Among other things, Chelsea-Ajax started at 9 p.m. Follow everything in our live blog.

Good evening and welcome to our Champions League live blog! My name is Rob Hirschmann and together with my colleague Patrick Moeke I will keep you informed tonight about the developments at the European competitions.

  • LIVE:
  • Chelsea Ajax (1-4)

  • Valencia-Lille (0-1)
  • Liverpool-Genk (2-1)
  • Napoli-Salzburg (1-1)
  • Lyon-Benfica (2-0)
  • Dortmund Inter (1-2)

  • Results:
  • Barcelona-Slavia 0-0
  • Zenit-RB Leipzig 0-2

Chelsea-Ajax · one minute ago

55 'GOAL Ajax! 1-4

Donny van de Beek! Ajax comes out dangerous once in the second half and immediately it hits the mark. Ziyech rammed the ball into Van de Beek's feet. The midfielder takes a perfect lead, checks and hits the far corner.

Liverpool-Genk · 2 minutes ago

53 'GOAL Liverpool! 2-1

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain brings Liverpool back into the lead! Mo Salah provides the assist.

Chelsea-Ajax · 3 minutes ago

53 'The blue storm continues with a great opportunity for Abraham. The Englishman runs alone on the duel of Onana. Thanks to excellent defensive work by both Veltman and Onana, the connection goal is prevented.

Chelsea-Ajax · 4 minutes ago

52 'And another chance for the home team. Abraham can head freely, but the ball ends up in the hands of Onana.

Dortmund-Inter · 5 minutes ago

51 'GOAL Dortmund! 1-2

The tension is back in Dortmund! Achraf Hakimi gets the ball from Mario Götze and hits inside.

Chelsea-Ajax · 5 minutes ago

50 'Chelsea comes strong from the changing rooms and hunts for 2-3. James has a free kick in the penalty area, but he hits Tagliafico's chest.

Chelsea-Ajax · 9 minutes ago

46 'Chelsea is immediately life threatening! Kurt Zouma steams towards the Ajax goal, trumps the Amsterdam defense with a number of fine scissors movements, but then shoots.

Chelsea-Ajax · 10 minutes ago

46 'Reece James replaces Marcos Alonso at Chelsea. Ajax is on the pitch with the same eleven as in the first half. We're going back on Stamford Bridge!

Chelsea-Ajax · 17 minutes ago

Ajax has only shot at goal once, but has scored three times through two own goals. Chelsea shot twice between the posts, but scored once.

Chelsea-Ajax · 21 minutes ago

Until tonight there were only three clubs in the Champions League in addition to Chelsea who managed to score three or more goals on Stamford Bridge in the Champions League:

  • Liverpool (4-4 in 2009)
  • AS Roma (3-3 in 2017)
  • Atlético Madrid (1-3 in 2014)

Champions League · 24 minutes ago

It is peace in six Champions League duels, and there has been scored quite often.

The rest positions:

  • Chelsea Ajax 1-3
  • Valencia-Lille 0-1
  • Liverpool Genk 1-1
  • Lyon-Benfica 2-0
  • Napoli-Salzburg 1-1
  • Dortmund-Inter 0-2

Chelsea-Ajax · 27 minutes ago

Rest .

After a blistering first half, Ajax has a 1-3 lead against Chelsea. Tammy Abraham (ed), Quincy Promes and Kepa (ed) score the Amsterdam goals. In the fifth minute, Jorginho made a 1-1 penalty on behalf of the home team.

Napoli-Salzburg · 29 minutes ago

44 'GOAL Napoli! 1-1

Hirving Lozano with an important goal for his new club! The former PSV player shoots in from a distance.

Chelsea-Ajax · 30 minutes ago

42 'Just as Chelsea becomes more dangerous, Ajax comes out quickly. Neres is put down by Tomori, but Rocchi lets play on. The ball eventually lands at Martínez, who shoots high over the goal. Tomori receives a yellow card for his charge after the attack.

Liverpool-Genk · 31 minutes ago

41 'GOAL Genk! 1-1

Mwbana Samatta heads in from a corner from Bryan Heynen!

Chelsea-Ajax · 32 minutes ago

The crazy third Ajax goal in the picture.

IMPOSSIBLE! What a WE-RELD GOAL from Hakim Ziyech! ☄️ #CHEAJA 1-3! 🔥 #UCL #veronicainside

Avatar Author Veronica InsideMoment of places21: 39 - November 5, 2019

Borussia Dortmund-Inter · 33 minutes ago

40 'GOAL Inter! 0-2

Matías Vecino brings his team to 2-0. Antonio Candreva provides the assist.

Olympique Lyon-Benfica · 34 minutes ago

Memphis Depay is working on a particularly strong series for Olympique Lyon in the Champions League. He scores for the fourth consecutive game. He is the second Lyon player to do that, since Sonny Anderson did that in 2002.

Chelsea-Ajax · 35 minutes ago

36 'The third Ajax goal is not in the name of Ziyech, but enters the books as goalkeeper Kepa's own goal. The closing post tries to keep the ball out of the goal, but hits the ball completely wrong. So it's the second own goal in this match.

Chelsea-Ajax · 38 minutes ago

35 'GOAL Ajax! 1-3

What an insane goal from Hakim Ziyech! The Moroccan international shoots a free kick from the left from an impossible angle into the goal and puts Ajax on 1-3.

Chelsea-Ajax · 39 minutes ago

33 'Blind gets yellow, but does prevent a dangerous attack from Chelsea. It is the second print of the game, as Veltman has just been shown yellow.

Olympique Lyon-Benfica · 39 minutes ago

33 'GOAL Olympique Lyon! 2-0

Memphis Depay does it! He hits the ball in one go from a pass by Houssem Aouar.

Chelsea-Ajax · 41 minutes ago

32 'Pulisic rammed a free kick into the penalty area, hoping that a Chelsea head bumped into it. Goalkeeper Onana reacts alert and picks the ball from the air.

Chelsea-Ajax · 42 minutes ago

The second goal of Promes in the picture.

PROMES ON FIRE! 🔥 #CHEAJA 1-2! ⚡️ #UCL #veronicainside

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Liverpool-Genk · 42 minutes ago

Virgil van Dijk and Georginio Wijnaldum celebrate the latter's goal in a distinctive way.

Chelsea-Ajax · 44 minutes ago

Chelsea never took two goals in twenty minutes in the Champions League at Stamford Bridge until tonight.

Champions League · 44 minutes ago

The first half hour is particularly productive in the Champions League. All duels that started at 9 PM have already scored at least once.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

27 'And there it is almost 1-3! Ziyech winds a free kick into the penalty area and Tammy Abraham almost heads the ball into his own goal again.

Valencia-Lille · one hour ago

25 'GOAL Lille! 0-1

Victor Omsimhen takes advantage of a huge ball loss from Valencia, and decisively hits the ball inside.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

Quincy Promes is already doing better in the Champions League at Ajax than at its previous club Spartak Moscow. He makes his third in four games. At Spartak, he scored twice in five games.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

Promes' first Ajax goal has been changed into Tammy Abraham's own goal. The goal, which fell after 1 minute and 49 seconds, is the second fastest Ajax goal ever in the Champions League. Only Andy van der Meijde was able to score faster on a visit to AS Roma on 19 March 2003. The Ajax player was already accurate after 37 seconds.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

21 ' The goal counts! Ajax has a 1-2 lead thanks to a good header from Promes from a great pass from Ziyech.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

20 'GOAL Ajax! 1-2

Quincy Promes heads Ajax on 1-2! But is he not offside there? The VAR will at least look at it ..

Borussia Dortmund-Inter · one hour ago

If Martínez had missed this, he would not have been able to show up at Lukaku for a moment. However, he finishes it well himself!

GOAL! Inter ahead in Dortmund! Martinez does it all herself! #ChampionsLeague #ZiggoSport #DORINT

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Liverpool-Genk · one hour ago

15 'GOAL Liverpool! 1-0

Georginio Wijnaldum hits the net for Liverpool!

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

15 'And on the other hand, Tadic is immediately dangerous. The Serbian lashes out and just leaves.

Napoli-Salzburg · one hour ago

That is a very nice list that Haland is now in. He makes his seventh Champions League goal in his fourth game.

🚀 - Most goals in first 4 #UCL matches7 - Erling Braut Håland (+1) 5 - Thierry Henry5 - Ivan Klasnic5 - Diego Costa5 - Didier Drogba #NAPSAL # KönigsCLasse

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Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

14 'GOAL Chelsea rejected!

Ajax is relieved. Abraham can go to Onana's goal on his own and scores, but the Englishman is offside.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

So, time to catch your breath in London. What a sparkling start! By hits from Promes and Jorginho there is already a 1-1 score on the scoreboard within five minutes.

Napoli-Salzburg · one hour ago

11 'GOAL Salzburg! 0-1.

Who else but Erling Braut Haland with the 0-1! The young striker shoots in a penalty kick.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

This is how Ajax opens the score, but Promes' goal is quickly canceled out.

LIGHTNING START FOR AJAX! ⚡ #CHEAJA 0-1! 💥 #ucl #veronicainside

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Borussia Dortmund-Inter · one hour ago

5 'GOAL Inter! 0-1
Martínez leaves Burki without a chance in the top right corner after a wonderful run!

Olympique Lyon-Benfica · one hour ago

4 'GOAL Olympique Lyon! 1-0

Joachim Andersen heads in after a nice cross by Léo Dubois.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

5 'GOAL Chelsea! 1-1

Jorginho hits the right corner and sees Onana diving to the other side. It is the same again. What a bizarre opening phase!

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

4 'Chelsea Penalty!

Veltman commits a foul and sees referee Rocchi resolutely pointing to the dot. The home team may take a penalty kick.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

2 'GOAL Ajax! 0-1

Ajax takes the lead on Stamford Bridge. Promes hits a free kick and opens the score.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

1 'Ajax kicks off Stamford Bridge. The duel is on its way.

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

Mason Mount played against Ajax twice and won both duels. With Vitesse, he beat the team from Amsterdam on March 4, 2018, 3-2. Last month he was too strong for Ajax in the Johan Cruijff ArenA with Chelsea (0-1).

Chelsea-Ajax · one hour ago

The players enter the field at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea-Ajax is about to start.

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