Before the Swedish premiere, seven months ago, SVT Sports expert Daniel Nannskog Malmö tipped as Swedish champion. Something that he himself does not believe in anymore with the last round before him.

- They don't have it in their own hands anymore. But it still lives if you say so, he says.

Instead, he believes Djurgården will bring home the gold medal today.

- I think they will manage the points you need against Norrköping. Djurgården has been very stable in the defensive job and really looks like a team. I do not think that they pass through now, even if you meet a good Norrköping, who has nothing to play for.

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Success duo Bergstrand and Lagerlöf. Photo: Photo Agency

"They have surprised me"

Before the Swedes, however, it sounded different. Then Nannskog tipped Djurgården as fifth.

- They have surprised me. If you look at the player material, there are no superstars. What has been the key to their success, I think, is the coach duo, Kim Bergstrand and Thomas Lagerlöf. They have done a fantastic job with players who, on paper, may not be super. They really got it together on all fronts, got players to buy their roles straight off and never cheat. I'm sick of them.

Two other misses from the expert were Hammarby, who he placed in sixth place, and Gothenburg in 13th place.

Score as a tipper: A weak okay

- Nobody believed in Gothenburg. It is a huge miss for many. They simply hit one with a bang in the head. This is the big positive surprise this year.

What do you rate yourself as a tipper?

- I would give myself a weak okay and that's because I have high demands on myself. It was sloppy to put Djurgården and Hammarby in fifth and sixth place and then it was not easy with Gothenburg. But I am still an expert and you must not miss that big.

- I get a little embarrassed by some of the tips. I promise I'll raise myself next year.