Social media pioneers inaugurated the women's wrestling in Riyadh to criticize the women's wrestling show in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Natalia Nidhart, the Canadian wrestler, beat American rival Lacy Evans.

In an attempt to soften criticism of the country, which was described as "conservative," the wrestlers dressed as naked clothes as usual with these parades, but also harsh criticism followed.

Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars trying to build a recreational tourism sector from scratch, but is facing harsh criticism, especially after opening a nightclub and disco, she said, according to Islamic regulations, in the city of Jeddah, near the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

The women's wrestling show is part of the Riyadh Season, which includes more than 100 entertainment, show and art events over a two-month period in the kingdom's capital.

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- Cooked (@ Ma6noo5sa) October 31, 2019

The idea was wrestling but I think they knew that Abu Jahl Sawa uniforms heroic and wearing them


- Naif💫 (@naifriyadh) November 1, 2019

We disown to God of that ..

- Sultan Al Thiabi (@s_theyabi) November 1, 2019

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- Sultan Al Thiabi (@s_theyabi) November 1, 2019

Is this reasonable # wrestling_women_ in_Riyadh, may Allah ask forgiveness that this is a big corruption #

- mooveon new (@ _ija5) October 31, 2019

In the morning they invoke God to seek the sick
In the evening they answer Cassiette women wrestling !!

- Hilali Unaizah (@ hrr5111) October 31, 2019

In the wrestling of women in Saudi Arabia
Suddenly Natalia Talaat dressed tunic audience zero zero boos because it is not urgent Tonk #Season_Riyadh #WrestlingWomen_Riyadh

- Lwasiefy (@lwasiefy) November 1, 2019

Oh God, we are discharged to you from what the foolish Lord # wrestling_women_ in_ Riyadh

- ﮼طُﮩـر 🔕🖤 (@_ALMAJD__) November 1, 2019