Rugby World Cup South Africa final adjustment to the final November 1 17:12

South Africa, who is aiming for the third championship in the Rugby World Cup Japan, made the final adjustment for the final of the 2nd, and Handlele Pollard, who is second in the scoring ranking, said, “Kick is important for the final. I'm going to aim. "

The Rugby World Cup will be held in Yokohama on the 2nd, and South Africa will play against England for the third time after three tournaments.

In the morning, we made final adjustments in the morning in Urayasu City, Chiba, and performed stretches using rubber bands, and confirmed the linkages with passes and dashes divided by three people.

After a press conference at a hotel in Tokyo, the commander's Hundle Pollard, who is second only to the Japanese player Tamura in the scoring ranking, said, “The final is determined by kicks such as penalty goals and drop goals. I know what distance I can definitely decide, so of course I am aiming from a position where I can be confident.I have dreamed of kicking in the final of the World Cup since I was little. I have to be entertained. I am very excited, ”he said.

The final of the Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament will be held at the Yokohama International Stadium from 6pm on the 2nd.

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