DeNA Tsutsuka officially announces Major League Challenge October 29 at 13:11 on the posting system

Professional baseball DeNA player Yoshitomo Tsutsuka has officially announced that he will challenge the big league from the next season using the posting system.

Tsutsuka held a conference in Yokohama on the 29th and officially announced that he would challenge the major leagues after the team accepted the posting system using the posting system on the 7th of this month.

Tsutsuka said about the major leagues, “The best players in the world are the highest in the world. It was my dream to play from a young age and I wanted to compete there.”

As for the team that wants to play, I just said, “I haven't decided anything concrete, but I want to think about it.”

Also, “I was happy because the home base Yokohama stadium was full. If there were no fans, I wouldn't have myself now. I would be grateful to everyone who was involved in the growth.” He also talked about his thoughts on the person.

The application period for posting is from 1st to 5th of December, and we will begin the procedure for transfer in the future.

Tsutsuka is 27 years old in professional 10th year.

Three years ago, he became a long-distance batter representing the ball world, including winning two titles, the home run king and the batting king.

This season's 131 games played with 20: 2 batting averages, 29 home runs, 29 runs, and 79 runs, but in the first stage of the climax series, there were 2 home runs in 3 games. .