After Djurgården's victory against Örebro, a point is enough for the club to take the SM gold on Saturday. That match ball does not think SVT Sports expert Daniel Nannskog that the team misses to hit.

- I have said at some point, that everything speaks for Djurgården. I'm stuck with that. It was a convincing 3-0 victory today, as expected. They appear without trembling, even though it would have been quite natural that some trembling had come. Now it is enough with a point against Norrköping in the last match, and I think they will do it, he says.

You don't think there's a risk of gold rush?

- It is obviously a tough away match, but given how organized they are defensively and how loyal they are to their system - combined with match winners like (Emir) Kujovic and (Mohamed) Buya Turay, I feel they will be able to at least a point against Norrköping.

"They haven't kept up"

For AIK, it is now clear that it will not be SM gold, and Daniel Nannskog believes that it is mainly on the offensive half that the team has failed.

- The feeling of their season is that they have not kept up with the offensive development. If you look at the other teams in the top match they have a better offensive than AIK has. The big miss for AIK is that they couldn't replace Kristoffer Olsson in a good way. If you compare with Malmö, for example, they have (Anders) Christiansen in that role. That link between midfield and AIK has been missing from AIK, says Nannskog.

Does this mean thank you and goodbye to coach Rikard Norling?

- Somewhere, I feel that AIK should sit down and discuss with Norling what his thoughts are on further developing AIK's offensive game. If he feels like the right man in that talk then he could be left. But if you do not go in the same direction in the talk then you should look for a new coach.

Do you think he's the right man?

- I'm not sure. That's probably my answer right now.