That galactic Barcelona that has an immaculate trajectory in the Euroleague (4-0) continues to pay both the continental demands and its injury pandemic (Heurtel, Pangos, Delaney and Claver) in the ACB. The Casademont Zaragoza, great agitator at this start of the championship thanks to the intensity, class and impudence of young people eager to devour the world - Carlos Alocén (18 years old) or Jonathan Barreiro (22) -, founded the Catalans, who already add two defeats in the tournament (4-2). The Aragonese, with only one fall, remain as the only persecutors of the leader, Real Madrid. [Narration and statistics]

In his lair of the Prince Felipe Pavilion, Zaragoza subjected the Pesic team to physical wear and tear that ended up being unbearable. Barreiro, who finished the game with the shoulder made some foxes, managed so that Mirotic could only be comfortable from the free kick (12 of the 21 points of the montegrino were from the personnel line). The 'step pack' of Barreiro before Mirotic that led to a triple of the Real Madrid squad three minutes from the end (81-75) stifled the attempts of comeback of the Catalans, who ended up giving up when the Instant Replay offered light before a loss of Kuric with 87-83. The locals came to have a maximum advantage of 15 points (64-49).

Barcelona ditched an afternoon for oblivion, reminiscent of the defeat suffered in Andorra. The problems in the direction, with Hanga still forced to exercise as a base and the young Bolmaro offering reliefs, are evident. Although to this were added many more problems. As the clear inferiority in the rebound (32 by 43 of Zaragoza), a bad statistic in the three (1/16) shots or the bad role of who should be one of the stilettos, Corey Higgins . The former CSKA escort recorded a 5/16 in field shots.

Benzing and Seeley's doll

As if that were not enough, Brandon Davies (21 points), who seemed the only Barcelona player trained to lift a game that Zaragoza always had in his hand, was eliminated four minutes from the end because of a technical foul and another unsportsmanlike. The referees interpreted that their cap was not statutory, and the pivot's complaints eventually condemned him. It didn't help that Tomic, a shower before Justiz, tried to assume gallons in the painting.

Alocén ruled the duel at will (nine assists) and always found the right place and time for Benzing and Seeley to pull the wrist (30 points between the two). Zaragoza evidenced that his is serious. Pesic, meanwhile, has no choice but to keep looking sideways at a nurse who still limits his potential.

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