Video technology settled the confrontation «Derby Dubai» between Al-Nasr and Al-Ahly with the victory of Brigadier General 1 - zero, for the first time in five seasons, led by Croatian coach Kronislav, who returned the team to the path of victories, supplementing Al-Ahli's first loss in the league.

Negredo scored the only goal of the game in the 60th minute, and almost scored the second and third goal in a game that saw the intervention of video technology «mouse» on three decisive occasions, as the goal of Al Shabab was canceled in the 20th minute, and the goal of victory in the 60th minute, in addition to the expulsion The youth players of Al Ahly Leonadro highlighted in the 76th minute to be affected by Al Ahly youth in the rest of the time due to the attack.

Shabab Al-Ahli dominated the first half and was the most acquisitive, controlling the game by more than 65%, and the first half saw a goal canceled for the team in the first 20 minutes scored by Moldovan Lovanor, but the referee returned to the video technique and the situation was mistaken for Shabab Al-Ahli player Leonardo who made the goal.

Al-Nasr remained in the center of the area with continued control by Al-Ahli youth and possession of the ball and reach the goal of Ahmed Champier, who faced more than a dangerous attack in the first half, and did not appear in the first half of victory only in the last five minutes to get a corner but did not take advantage of well Al-Nasr, his foreign players and citizens emerged far from their level.

In the second half, the performance turned and Al Nasr managed to return to the game a little and swap Al Ahli attacks and reach the goal of Majid Nasser, and like in Al Wahda match, Al Nasr coach Kronaslav succeeded in turning the result of the game thanks to a good reading of the game in the first half, and left Al Ahly In the second half, he scored the first goal of the game through Spanish striker Negredo, taking advantage of a mistake by goalkeeper Majid Nasser who went wrong in his own net to score the ball in a double background in the goal, announcing the first goal. Video technology again to make sure the validity of his decision following the objection Ahli players young, but his decision to re-watch the first adopted to advance the victory in 60 minutes.

After the goal turned to the benefit of the victory team and attacks increased as a result of the attack rush of youth players Ahli, and almost Dutch player Kwas, scored the second goal and repeated more than one attempt. Ayedh.

The remaining minutes witnessed more than a dangerous attack for the Brigadier against one ball for Al-Ahli youth directed by defender Mohammed Ayed, from the line, ending the game victory victory 1-0.

Honoring the child Mohammed Qais

The League of Professionals celebrated the Iraqi child Mohammed Qais, after recovering from cancer, where he made him accompany the players and referees and play the kick start and hit the goal of Majid Nasser, scoring a goal set on the stands of Al Maktoum Stadium.