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Stina Nilsson, cross country skiing

SVT expert Anders Blomquist: She is one of the Swedes who has the greatest chance. But I think it will be very, very difficult as it is not championship so Therese Johaug will go all out. In order for Stina to stand as a final winner, exactly everything must work. She has such an extremely high level of sprint and she takes a lot of points there. She is tactically skilled and can do well at distance running as well. She has increased her capacity at the distance level year by year. If she takes another step on the distance side, she joins and fights up there.

Sandra Näslund, ski cross

SVT Sports commentator Björn Becksmo: Sandra Näslund is Sweden's hottest candidate to take home a World Cup this winter. For the past three seasons she has finished second, one and two in the total. This season, she matches her menstrual strength with a brutal physique she built up during the summer. She had a plump in the record last year with a 17th place in Idre, the miss cost her the total. Now she is looking for revenge. The sight is set on the crystal globe and I think she has what it takes this year.

Hanna Öberg, biathlon

SVT Sports commentator Ola Bränholm: It is ten years since Helena Ekholm won the overall World Cup, I think it is time for a Swedish total winner this year again. Hanna Öberg has both the edge and the evenness and she would have fought for the overall victory already last year if she had not relinquished six competitions because of the World Cup. This year the plan is to run everything and it may well go all the way.

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Walter Wallberg, humpback gun

SVT Sports commentator Peter Jonsson: He should be able to participate in and challenge for the top three in the overall World Cup, and also compete with sovereign Mikael Kingsbury. It doesn't seem realistic for Walter Wallberg to win this winter, given that Kingsbury has won eight years on the rake. He is still a teenager, four at the World Cup last year, four at the overall World Cup - now it feels like he will take the next step and then it can happen a lot. He is the youngest in the world top and he is in a successful environment, they are four who were top ten last winter and trained by a legend in the industry, Swedish Lars Fahlén.

Ebba Andersson, cross country skiing

Anders Blomquist: She did a completely crazy season last year. In the distance race, she maintained such a high level throughout the season that it was almost unreal. But her problems are the sprints, she doesn't take that much points there. Ebba is young and in development so I think she will continue to develop as a distance rider, and she will probably also take some points in some sprints.

Frida Karlsson, cross country skiing

Anders Blomquist: Frida is super exciting, she has shown as a junior that she is a good sprinter as well. She is like Ebba in development and took a giant step last year. She is too young I think to be able to maintain a level that is required throughout the season, but I think she takes a lot of points.

Charlotte Kalla

Anders Blomquist: Charlotte has such extremely high potential and capacity. Now that it is a championship free year, she will go to many world cups I think. She needs to find sprint form for the most important competitions. She has had formal valleys, she has had dips, she cannot have them if she is going to fight for the victory in the World Cup.