Doosan won the two-day winning victory in the Korean baseball series. In the second game yesterday (23rd), Park Gun-woo was the hero of the band electrode at the end of the ninth.

This is reporter Kim Jung-woo.


Kiwoom's momentum in the first leg was bitter.

After the 1st Lee Jung Jung, 2nd Kim Hye Sung's sacrifice fly, 6 times Park Byeong Ho, Song Sung Moon, and Lee Ji Young swept away 3 RBIs and ran away 5-5.

Doosan, who took the lead, seemed to sit down as Kim Jae-hwan and Oh Jae-il retired in consecutive strikes to Kiwoom Bullpen Cho Sang-woo and Lee Young-joon in the sixth and eighth scoring opportunities.

But at the end of the 9th, which was 2 points behind, he showed a terrible back feeling.

After Hur Kyung-min hit the ground, Oh Jae-won, who had been in the regular season, came out with a big hit and struck out a double.

Afterwards, Kim Jae-ho hit a heavy timely hit in the No. 2 and 3 base, while hitter Kim In-tae scored a 5-5 tie with a left-wing sacrificial fly.

And Park Gun-woo completed the miracle reversal drama with a closing hit that falls into center field.

This is the first time that a series of hits have been made for two consecutive days in the history of the Korean Series.

Park Gun-woo, the protagonist, showed tears after the match.

[Park Gun-woo / Doosan Outfielder: (meanwhile) My heart is so bad, I think it's too happy because my team won.]

Kiwoom, who was at the end of the cliff, predicted Brigham in the third leg, and Doosan plans to launch Hurankov.