Jung Hyun, a Korean tennis player, has advanced to the men's professional tennis ATP tour East Bank Open Round of 16.

Chung, who is ranked 139th in the world, beat Canada's 32th place, Miloshi Laonic, 2-0, to 32nd in the first round of the finals in Vienna, Austria.

Laonichi, who was defeated by Chung Hyun, was the world's third-largest player in 2016 and won the Wimbledon runner-up and the Australian Open semi-finals that year.

Chung, who reached the quarter-finals at the Japan Open earlier this month, meets Felix Oze Aliasim (Canada) and Andrey Rublelov (Russia) in the second round.

Jung Hyun was 1-10 in the sub ace, but in the first and second set, he took the lead by breaking his opponent's first sub game.

Jeong Hyun, who led the two-set game scores 4-2, gave his first sub-game and allowed a tie of 4-4. He also scored set points in his sub-games that scored 4-5.

However, he scored points with a forehand winner, and later scored two games in a row in Game Scores 5-5, marking a period in an hour and 44 minutes.

(Photo = Getty Images Korea)