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Zinedine Zidane put his hands on his head in the final leg of the game, without understanding how it was possible that they were only 0-1 with the number of occasions his team had had so far. Madrid did not suffer then because of the harassment of Galatasaray, much less, but a goal can come in the dumbest and most unexpected way. Nzonzi finished off a corner that could be the draw and disgust. He endured the low income white box, distressed as he arrived at the appointment in Istanbul. «We have tried to score goals, we have created a lot ... but we have only scored one. It served for all three points, but we lacked a bit of luck, ”summarized Marcelo .

The Madrid classification was played in the Champions League, with its coach also threatened. Fortunately for the Frenchman and the costumes, the triumph injects peace into the club, without further exams until the following week (Leganés, Wednesday 30 at the Bernabéu). "You had to win," Sergio Ramos wrote on Twitter. Concrete and thorough phrase, because all the staff knew that a defeat would have placed Zinedine Zidane in a very delicate situation. A Turkish journalist asked him, in the subsequent press conference, if he was not disturbed that he doubted his future after being the only one capable of winning three Champions in a row. «It's football. We have won a lot, but that is the past. I know the position I have. The players have made a huge effort, ”he said.

Thibaut Courtois , the discussed Belgian goalkeeper, comes out with a very good victory. He signed perhaps his best performance dressed in Madrid, decisive in the first minutes against local scratches. Andone forced him to two interventions almost without respite. The goalkeeper needed a night like that, with spotlights and good words, to strengthen his confidence. «He has done very well, saved good chances of the rival. He made two very good. It has saved us, but in the end I would have liked to have two or three more goals. We deserved them. I'm glad for him and for everyone. It is not an easy field. We played with personality from the beginning to the 90th minute, ”commented the Frenchman.

"Our goalkeeper responded," the coach dedicated, as eagerly as the rest of the team that Courtois reaches its best level. Zidane also applauded the work of young Rodrygo , his great novelty at eleven. «I was very nervous, but I enjoyed it. He asked me to enjoy and fulfill my defensive functions, ”said the Brazilian, star of Castilla and now upward value in the first team.

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