Khorfakkan Football Association board member and spokesperson Mubarak Masood has announced an agreement with Serbian coach Goran Tovigdzic to coach the first team and lead him next season for the Arabian Gulf League, instead of Brazilian coach Paulo Camili, who was dismissed the day before yesterday, after a series of Negative results. "We have agreed in principle with coach Goran, and we are waiting for his arrival to the state, to complete the negotiations in full preparation for the signing of the club's statements, and we look forward to the negotiations to reach a happy end," Mubarak Masoud told Emirates Today. It is noteworthy that Khorfakkan has considered the contract with more than one coach, and former Dutch unit coach Stein was very close to the official contract, but the final agreement was not made at the last minute, according to an official source within the club. Coach Goran Tovigdzic managed to lead Bani Yas to the first division shield and return him to his normal position in the Arabian Gulf League.He also coached Kalba in the league, but failed to keep him in the competition in the last round of the tournament, as well as the Kuwaiti team and other clubs. In Serbia.