“Through appearance, I show my personality”

- This is not your first visit to Moscow. Does this city still surprise you?

“Yes, this time we had a particularly good time here.” We visited the Kremlin and Red Square, discovered several new places. And here are just great restaurants. I really like to discover good local places.

- You managed to visit the famous cafe “Pushkin”. Why did your choice fall on him and did you pour anything about him before your visit?

- Not really. We were recommended by friends. They said that we should definitely go there while we are in Moscow. The building itself, the interior is magnificent. We tried traditional Russian cuisine, including borsch, and it was very cool.

- So the phrase in your Instagram From Russia with l ove” - exactly what you feel while walking around the capital?

- Definitely! In Russia, I have a lot of cool fans, with whom I communicate mainly on social networks. And during matches in the stands, my own small support group cheers for me. After the game, I signed autographs for a long time, made many joint photos with the fans. Therefore, it is a real pleasure for me to be here.

By the way, one of my first trainers, Irina, was from Moscow. Therefore, I feel that I have some kind of connection with this country from a very young age. When I was about seven years old, girls from Russia came to us, they lived with us under one roof for several months. I trained with them, and it motivated me to continue working on myself.

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From Russia 🇷🇺 with Love ❤️ #GameSetMattek 🎾

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- You continue to be called the most extravagant tennis player of the tour. Is it nice

- Yes of course! Through appearance, I show my personality both on the court and beyond. I even have my own clothing line. You know, throughout my career I had several serious injuries, after which I returned to the court and saw how my fans were waiting for this. And now I really enjoy tennis, whether it be matches in doubles or singles. Therefore, let them call.

- This is the case when the title of the Olympic champion and the winner of nine t Grand Slam tournaments allows you to dictate your conditions?

“I don't think so.” I wore bright clothes and tried to stand out even before I won most of my titles. It's all about my character. Honestly, I was a very shy child. And fashion and similar means of self-expression helped me communicate with people, find friends. Therefore, the outcome of the matches has ceased to matter to me. I can say that I went against the established trend, when the athlete is sociable only in case of victory.

If even one day you have an unimportant result, you can still have fun, go somewhere for dinner, and work even harder the next day. It seems to me that it is better to choose this approach, otherwise your mood will depend too much on the result. And I like to be myself under any circumstances.

- How would you describe your image outside the court?

- I love the eclectic style, the combination of different materials and bright colors. I often follow fashion shows, so I am aware of what will be in trend. At the same time, I like to dress a little differently, to wear somewhat unique things.

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“Now I play better than ten years ago”

- Why are many underestimated the title of Olympic champions in doubles and mixed doubles in tennis ?

- I think the fact is that in the season we have four Grand Slam tournaments, and the Olympics is held every four years. We have to weekly prepare for new major competitions, and representatives of other sports have the opportunity to concentrate on the Games. Our schedule is much denser. I remember how, after the victory in Rio de Janeiro, they asked me what I would do after, whether I would take a short rest, or plan to celebrate the conquest of gold. And I answered them: "No, I have a plane tomorrow, I participate in the US Open." Tennis players do not have much time to celebrate, and that is why I think that you need to enjoy every moment, and not wait when you win.

- What does the Olympic medal mean for you personally?

- This is a very significant award, which stands next to my titles in Grand Slam tournaments. In 2016, I took part in the Olympics for the first time and now I look forward to Tokyo 2020.

- Your “curse” of Wimbledon, the injury at the 2017 tournament is a coincidence ?

“I'm just out of luck.” I was already worried about the knee, but it was not fixed. And it was in this match that I slipped on the grass and turned it up. The surgeon said that the knee was in the wrong position and a ligament rupture was inevitable. Now things are much better, but I have come a long way in recovery, for a month and a half my leg has not been bent, I literally had to learn to learn how to walk and run anew. But now I feel even stronger and very happy about it.

- So, you still expect to win Wimbledon?

- Yes, this is the only title that I miss. I was very close to him, because before my injury, Lucia Shafarzhova and I were the main contenders for the victory. So I still feel that I have not reached the end. A recent victory at the China Open was my first women's doubles title after being damaged. Of course, all the titles are special, but Wimbledon is my main goal.

- Your compatriot Serena Williams can not catch up with Margaret Court in the number of titles in Grand Slam tournaments . Don't you think she should stop?

- No. I see that she is still extremely motivated to continue playing. I think, more important than the Court record for her is the victory in the Grand Slam tournament after the birth of her daughter. This was possible by Kim Clijsters, in addition, other tennis players who have become mothers are returning to the sport. I think Serena, by her example, seeks to show that this is possible. And she still demonstrates great tennis, getting more and more fit every month. This is a big challenge: it is close to the goal, and this provokes it even more. I think that's why she has a crush for the next season.

- You are 34 years old , but you continue to enjoy tennis even in singles . How do you do it ?

- It seems to me that now I play better than ten years ago. From a physical point of view, I feel better than then. In addition, I became smarter, wiser. And really enjoy tennis. Throughout my career I had a lot of injuries and operations, so I missed enough time, and now I want to catch up. Therefore, I still feel young.