• Chronicle: Sad defeat in Mallorca

Flor is the word chosen to explain a success that cannot be deciphered or does not want to be analyzed. It was used regularly during the first stage of Zidane on the bench in Madrid, just as it was used in the past with respect to Cruyff or Del Bosque . The trajectory of the three, observed with a fisheye, is above chance, but this does not make them immune to crises. After triumphing on the bench, Cruyff was impatient and self-destructive with his own work in Barcelona. Del Bosque, on the other hand, prolonged more than the decline of a selection that needed to be agitated would have wanted. No one found the balance, because the balance after success is a utopia, it doesn't satiate anyone. Zidane has already learned it, after a return to the Bernabéu that was not in his head and that precipitated the world title of France and the consequent reinforcement of Deschamps . On the journey back from glory, there are no flowers, only thistles.

After a year of nonsense and the escape of Cristiano, Zidane was expected to slam in the locker room. He did not give it. The Madrid that started the League was the same as the one that ended, despite the fact that the club invested 300 million in signings. The year of regeneration began, then, with misunderstanding between Florentino Pérez and Zidane himself . The president did not believe that an excessive effort should be made by Pogba , the 'joker' of the coach, and the French decided to dispense with football players that the club had not let go, such as Reguilón and Marcos Llorente . Neither Florentino nor Zidane are those who forget.

Reguilón was about to sign a contract improvement when he called the French to say, "I want Mendy." Tensions between coach and president are habitual and even healthy, in their right measure, but can only cohabit with results. In Madrid they are not good, neither by goals, nor by game. If the Champions doesn't offer oxygen to Zidane in Istanbul, everything is possible.

The way to lose in Mallorca is almost worse than defeat itself and has symptoms in common with what happened in the Parc des Princes de Paris or in the first half against Bruges, in the Bernabéu. The team is incapable of maintaining competitive tension, something that is attributed to the technician, not very successful, in addition, in tactical decisions. In the same way that in the past risk decisions, such as aligning the second unit of Madrid in full, smiled at him, now mortify him. Again, the flower and thistle.

The reasons are in a worn template, not only physically, but mentally. One by one, a good part of their players are in fullness, but as a group they are collapsed, as if the message was exhausted. It is difficult to define what Zidane's message is and explain its method. He is a man of powerful intuition and of great influence on the players, who is known more for his nonverbal language than for what he says. The reality is that, today, the feelings it emits are not good.

That is the reason why in Mallorca he booked players, despite the losses, because he is aware that in Istanbul he faces a 'match ball'. The delay of the classic has not gone badly for a Madrid loaded with injured, an issue that has caused bad faces between the technical staff and doctors, where some are pointed to others . However, a defeat against Galatasaray would deepen the impatience of the president, who this time has someone to call for an emergency, without the need to invent a Lopetegui . He is the coach with the most connected: José Mourinho . The Portuguese, who was already an option before the return of the Frenchman, is free, has maintained contact with Florentino and has told his relatives that he has changed. Anyway, with Mou there are no flowers.

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