Kirsten Wild and Amy Pieters have won bronze on the final day of the European Championship track cycling in Apeldoorn on the Olympic part of the header rate. Theo Bos was good for silver in the kilometer time trial.

Wild and Pieters came to 23 points in the top rate - 120 rounds with a sprint every ten rounds. The Danish women Amalie Dideriksen and Julie Leth (33 points) won the European title and the silver was for Great Britain (31 points).

The Dutch duo remained in the wake of Denmark for a long time, but a fall of Wild with 43 laps to go while Pieters was on course broke the rhythm. "I slipped away a bit, it was my own fault," Wild said to the NOS after the race. "The goal was the podium and we succeeded," says Pieters.

At the start of this year, Wild and Pieters became world champion on the head race. The Dutch duo also captured World Championship silver (2018) and twice earlier European Championship bronze (2017 and 2018) in this section, which will be on the Olympic program in Tokyo next year.

37-year-old Wild took her third medal of the week on Sunday, because she won them gold earlier in the omnium and the waste rate. In total the Zwolle stood eighteen times on the European podium in her track career.

Forest is short of gold

The 36-year-old Bos was fourteen years after his world title on the kilometer time trial in the vicinity of European Championship gold, but he had to just recognize his superior in the Frenchman Quentin Lafargue: 1.00.289 at 1.00.409.

Sam Ligtlee was just short of a podium place. The 21-year-old Dutchman, who had finished second in the qualifications earlier on Sunday, clocked in the fourth fastest time: 1.00,701. The Frenchman Michaël D'Almeida rode to the bronze in 1.00,663.

Bos and Ligtlee only took action at this European Championship on this non-Olympic section. Routinier Bos, who won five world titles on the track in his career, also finished second behind Lafargue at the World Cup earlier this year.

Ligtlee won bronze at the European Championships last year. The title went to Matthijs Büchli, who left the time trial this week.

Theo Bos (left) on the podium next to the French Quentin Lafargue and Michaël D'Almeida. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Lamberink not in the vicinity of medals

Kyra did not come close to the medals in the final of the 500 meter time trial. The 23-year-old Dutch scored the seventh fastest time with 34,160 in a field of eight riders.

Lamberink was faster in qualifying earlier on Sunday, when she finished fourth with 33,952.

The European title on the non-Olympic section went to the Russian Anastasiia Voinova. With 33.005 she was ahead of her countryman and the reigning world champion Daria Shmeleva (33.057). The Ukrainian Olena Starikova took bronze (33,328).

Lamberink finished fourth at the European Championship last year. Steffie van der Peet just did not qualify for the final on Sunday in Apeldoorn. The twenty-year-old Dutch became ninth.

Kyra Lamberink came no further than seventh place in the 500 meter time trial. (Photo: Pro Shots)