World leader Peder Fredricson and former European gold horse All In were back in the hot air when the World Cup season began in Oslo. And as so many times before, the ship was rock-proof in the first round. Flawless - and fastest of all.

- It looked very good, it looked so safe so you could sit still all the time, it was never nervous, says SVT Sport expert Lotta Björe.


Fredricson flawless - and fastest of all in the first round

Twelve teams went on to jump, which was settled over eight obstacles, nine jumps.

Fredricson and All In were by far the fastest - but had a demolition on the first obstacle in the combination and finished sixth, giving eleven WC points.

- I thought I got a good turn in to the combination. When you ride as fast as I do, there are always small margins, today they were not on my side, Fredricson notes.

The winner was a big bang: Swiss Bryan Balsiger at Cloutzot de Lassus.

- This may be his really big breakthrough, says Björe.


Balsiger reel winner in the World Cup premiere

There were three more Swedes in the competition: Henrik von Eckermann, Douglas Lindelöw and Evelina Tovek. Lidelöw and Tovek missed the jump because of a time error each.

World champion von Eckermann, who for many years had Mary Lou as the first horse, chose to give 11-year-old Best Boy the chance in Oslo. Valacken thus made the World Cup debut and the team passed the time but had a demolition.

- It was wonderful jumping, easy and nice. To come in with some experience on a tight track, but look at the ears - he is so interested in doing right, says Björe.


Four errors for von Eckermann's World Cup debutant


Lindelöw without demolitions in the World Cup premiere


Tovek without demolition in the World Cup premiere

Thirteen competitions remain before the riders who have accumulated the most points during the season settle in the World Cup final in Las Vegas April 15-19. Next weekend the World Cup will be decided in Helsinki.

"The plan is for me to take Christian K to Helsinki," says Fredricson.