Badminton Momoda: Consecutive victory at the international tournament 5 consecutive wins at the tournament 6:01 on October 21

In an international badminton tournament in Denmark, men's singles Kento Momota beat the Chinese Olympic gold medalist straight and won the tournament. Mr. Momota won the tournament for 5 consecutive times.

The Badminton Danish Open is one of the top tournaments of the World Tour organized by the World Badminton Federation, and the Japanese group advanced to the final of the 20th with two men's and women's singles.

Among the men's singles, Japan's ace Momoda, who is aiming to win the championship in the world ranking first place, played against China ’s fifth-placed gold medalist at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

In the early stage of the first game, Momoda was defeated by 8 consecutive points due to the powerful smash of the opponent, but took the initiative of the game with precise control of the taste, and took 8 consecutive points at the end, I took it 21-21.

In the second game that followed, the opponent was struck down with high-precision shots, taking 21 to 12, and winning the tournament in a straight win with a game count of 2 to 0.

In the tournament where Mr. Momoda participated, he won five consecutive tournaments, including the Japan Open in July and the World Championship in August.

※ Shin is “甚” in “Gomben”

Momoda "I was able to surpass the accuracy of the shuttle"

Mr. Momota recalled, “I was happy to be able to win consecutively. I was able to endure without waiting for a chance. I was able to control the shuttle, but I was able to surpass it.”

On top of that, about winning five consecutive tournaments in the tournament that he participated in, “The attacks and speed that we have tackled as challenges are gradually getting better, so there are fewer games that can be pushed out and the game is stable. ”And analyzed for the next French Open for the second week in a row,“ The second week is physically strong, but I want to do my best with a feeling of refreshing and winning again in France. ” It was.

Women's Okuhara is runner-up "I've been able to do more than the previous match"

On the other hand, in the women's singles, Nozomi Okuhara, the 4th place in the world, played against Taiwan's Noi Shizuku, who was the 1st place in the world.

Okuhara said, “The movement of the opponent's faint did not go well, and simple mistakes came out at key points. However, if you look at the content of the game, there are more things you can do than the previous match, I want to go positive. I want to switch again and work hard next week. ”