Al Nasr team managed to achieve its first victory in the Arabian Gulf League at the expense of Al Wahda 3-1, in the game that brought the two teams, yesterday, in Al Nahyan Stadium in Abu Dhabi, in the fourth round of the Arabian Gulf League. Al-Wahda's freeze at three points, thanks to the victory of the new Croatian coach, Kronislav, who managed to read the team in the first 45 minutes, and knew how to exploit the weakness of the unit, which is the crosses and coverage behind the defenders, to convert The team fell behind in the first half to win three in the second half.

Al Wahda took the lead in the first half from a penalty by Carlos Lopez in the 37th minute, the only goal scored in the first half, which came out weak technical, and in the second half succeeded in turning the delay to win, as the Spanish striker Negredo scored two goals in the way The Dutch striker, who returned to scoring after an absence from the first three rounds, missed the goal of Al Wahda by scoring in the 89th minute. Midfield.

The Croatian coach Kronislav succeeded in reading the weakness of Al Wahda team in the first half, which is the crosses and coverage behind the defense unit and the correct positioning, and this emerged from the first cross in the second half by Quas, which benefited from the player Alnigr Negredo, scored the equalizer, and repeated the Brigadier The same technical sentence again in the 75th minute, with a clever change from the Croatian coach Kornislav, pushed the player Habib Alfardan, to return a counterattack in the 89th minute, behind the advanced unit defense, scoring the third goal.

The first half did not reach the required technical level and the unit was better technically and physically, and dominated the midfield, thanks to the efforts of veteran Ismail Matar, who overtook the players of victory: Portuguese Yuzi, Chilean Buffez, in creating opportunities and many touches and opportunities, for the success of the Excellencies With the aim of the pen.

In the second half, the performance of Al-Nasr improved greatly, and exploited the mistakes of Al-Wahda's many defensive lines.Annabi received five goals in the first three rounds, before receiving three new goals before the Brigadier.These goals confirm the weakness of Al-Wahda's defense, especially in dealing with crosses. Or coverage from the rear behind the defenders.

The victory brought life back to Al-Nasr after three rounds during which he did not succeed in achieving any victory, especially as he will meet in the next round Al-Ahli youth, and the victory over Al-Wahda will make the team prepare for this game better, and in return, Al-Wahda entered the cycle of negative results, after receiving three defeats in League so far.

Boldness coach

Al Wahda coach Manuel Jimenez and the Croatian victory Kroneslav arrived in the UAE and took charge of the two teams at about the same time, which is 72 hours before the game.However, the lack of time did not prevent the Croatian coach Kronaslav from being with the team on the pitch, conveying his enthusiasm and fighting spirit, On the other hand, Al Wahda coach, Manuel Jimenez, only watched the match from the VIP hall to start his mission from the next round.



Carlos Lopez.


Negredo (two goals), Habib Alfardan.