In the 64th minute Rhys Murphy made 1-0 for his Yeovil Town against Haringey Borrough in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Shortly after Murphy hit the ball, the home team wandered off the pitch and around 35 minutes later the message came that the match had been canceled. The reason should be that the home keeper's goalkeeper, has been exposed to racist mishaps and been spit on by supporters to the away team, according to the BBC.

“The match has been interrupted as a result of racist misgivings. Horrible afternoon. It should be said that 99.9 percent of Yeovil's fans also feel as much disgust for what happened as we, ”writes the home team in their twitter account.

- On behalf of Yeovil, I want to say that we are behind Haringey. The players and I decided to support Haringey and make a selection together, Yeovil's coach Darren Sarll told the BBC.

The event happens just four days after England's qualifying match against Bulgaria was interrupted several times due to racism from the stands.