Badminton Denmark Open Fukushima Hamada pair to semi-final October 19th 9:05

In the women's doubles at the international badminton tournament held in Denmark, Yuki Fukushima and Ayaka Hamada aiming for consecutive championships won the Korean pair and advanced to the semi-finals.

The Badminton Danish Open is one of the top tournaments of the World Tour organized by the World Badminton Federation, and Japanese players are on a two-week European expedition in conjunction with the French Open to be held the following week.

On the 18th, various quarter-finals were held. In the women ’s doubles, Fukushima and Iwata, who won the last year's tournament, won the world ’s 8th-ranked Korean pair, who lost the most recent match. Did.

The first game was taken by Fukushima and Iwata 21-21, but the second game was dropped 18:21, and the final third game was going to be a competition. I took 3 consecutive points and took this game 21 to 18, and decided to advance to the semi-finals with a game count of 2 to 1.

Fukushima said, “I was losing the previous game, so today I was in the mood to return the borrowing,” said Hirota. “I was conscious of going out in front of the court to try my best. I was relieved to be able to win. "

In addition, Kazuna Nagahara and Maya Matsumoto, the world ’s top women doubles, won the semi-finals by winning the 5th place Korea pair with a game count of 2: 1.

Kento Momoda, Japan's ace, who is the world's best in men's singles, has won a game count of 2: 1 against the 22nd in the world in Denmark. In the men ’s doubles, Keigo Sonoda and Kenji Kamura, the 4th place in the world, won each straight, and the Japanese teams advanced to the semi-finals in the fourth category.