The pizzas, those that Simeone likes so much, have their fair baking time. And that of Atlético, who seemed well on his way to Valencia, heading for another 1-0 classic, he had a couple of minutes left. Maybe three. Between the VAR and Costa they seemed to have left everything well ordered, but in an oversight the pizza singed. Forgive Atlético, Joao Félix was injured and executed Parejo. The third consecutive draw at home keeps Atlético in that state of not knowing very well what its destiny is. [Narration and statistics]

For the first time, the Metropolitan saw in action the already famous trident, who still has days ahead to continue refining his gestures, his tics, his complicity. The intentions of Morata, Costa and, above all, Joao Félix disturb any rival. It doesn't matter if you don't go through your best days. What one carries inside can appear at any time. Although still not enough. For half an hour, the three showed more intentions than facts. Cillessen didn't even have to duck for any ball. It was a rather dense desktop. Simeone granted half of the break Lodi and Mario Hermoso , who accumulates more minutes as a left-handed than center, did not drop down the rival area and found it difficult to find his place. Young Ferran squeezed how nice there. So Saul, who changes his face when the reins are released, took charge of rummaging down the left until Lodi entered the scene. On the other side, Arias walked. Trippier saw everything from the bank. The Champions always throws one more.

Accustomed to seeing Thomas as a dazzling beacon on this course start, he was surprised to see him a couple of times during the 50 minutes he walked on the lawn. In one of them, within half an hour, Oblak had to crawl like a child to completely stop Cheryshev's trallazo. Felipe, who had to deal with Maxi Gomez, was seen moving the ball from end to end as if he were a midfielder. To Joao Felix, earning a yellow one because he already has what he does when he does not have the ball. And Morata bite her nails for not being able to embocar a center / lethal shot of Joao himself. There were ingredients in the pizza, but none excessively innovative. Valencia, without Rodrigo or Guedes, injured, lived peacefully over time.

So with that panorama, it was the VAR that cleared the path of Atlético. Morata pulled an innocent hand to Cheryshev and the technology, minutes later, did the rest. Well, and the decisive review of the referee on foot. The referee was as clear as Diego Costa , who had the ball in the penalty spot before the infraction was sanctioned. Costa, in need of vitamins like never before in his career, had earned his way to his own redemption. Costa, sanctioned, was not at the start of the season, against Getafe, where Morata did not succeed. Without Griezmann, the pitcher is him. His second target of the course, unlike the one he signed in Mallorca, did start a smile.

Joao Felix's injury

Atlético left with a good aftertaste and returned with a start. Between Parejo and Maxi Gómez they crossed the enemy lines. The midfielder discovered the back of the athletic rear and the forward detected Cheryshev's flush flight through the area. The finish of the Russian ended up being stamped on the crossbar, when Oblak was already giving up his streak of five unbeaten games (one in the Champions League).

Lodi returned and Atlético recovered the left wing. Lemar appeared, but his team didn't even notice. And in just a couple of minutes, everything jumped into the air. Arias, with a highway through his band, failed to make the best decision against Cillessen and nobody was able to execute Valencia. The stand shuddered when he saw Joao Felix writhe in pain and leave with his battered right ankle and with help to the locker room. And finally, Parejo arrived with his right glove to break the resistance of Oblak . Only excellence is able to outwit the Slovenian goal.

Valencia threw itself at the neck of an Atletico in inferiority, because Simeone had already exhausted his changes. And with order, some fortune and another of those magical hands of Oblak was dodging the bullets. The Argentine coach's pizza had a couple of minutes left. It wasn't a big deal until that moment, but it ended up getting scorched from the oven. The final expulsion of the very young Kang In also did not solve anything. Sometimes pizza is not the best dish for a desktop.

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