Defending champion Kirsten Wild is at the European Championship track cycling in Apeldoorn after two of the four parts fourth in the overall classification. Among the men, Jan-Willem van Schip is halfway number three.

Wild finished Friday afternoon behind the British Laura Kenny, the Italian Letizia Peternoster and the French Clara Copponi as fourth on the scratch, the first part of the omnium.

Subsequently, the 37-year-old Dutch runner-up by one sprint won seventh at the temporace of thirty laps (7.5 kilometers). In this part, where after every lap one point can be earned for winning the sprint and a rider gets twenty points for a lap ahead of the peloton, the win went to the German Gudrun Stock.

Copponi takes the lead after two thirds in the overall ranking with 72 points, while the Danish Amalie Dideriksen (twice fifth) is second with 64 points, Wild has just like the number three Stock 62 points, but the German state based on her victory in the temporace third.

On Friday evening the decision will be in full form. The women first drive a waste race and then a point race.

Kirsten Wild is allowed to wear the rainbow jersey in Apeldoorn as the reigning world champion at the omnium. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Wild is on the hunt for eighth European title

Wild is a double world champion (2018 and 2019) and last year's European champion on the omnium. At European Championships she also won silver three times and one time bronze in the competition.

De Zwolse won the seventh European title from her career at the waste rate on Thursday, but that part, just like the scratch - on which she finished seventh on Wednesday - is not Olympic.

The omnium is, just like the head-rate on Sunday. At the European Championship, important points can be earned for Olympic qualification. Wild therefore announced before the tournament that she will not take unnecessary risks.

Jan-Willem van Schip is in the medal race after two parts

Van Schip third after two parts

Van Schip started the omnium excellently with the men by writing the scratch to his name. In the temporace the Dutchman finished fifth, making him third after two parts with 72 points, just as much as the Danish number two Lasse Norman Hansen.

The Frenchman Benjamin Thomas is in the lead by a second place on the scratch and a first place in the temporace with 78 points.

The 25-year-old Van Schip picked up gold on the omnium earlier this year at the European Games. Last year he was good for silver at the World Championship in Apeldoorn.

The men also ride a waste race and a point race on Friday evening.