- It's a bit like it usually is the year before the Olympics, it's not full focus on the short course European Championships, says federation captain Ulrika Sandmark.

The European Championships in Glasgow will be decided December 4-8. But it will be a Swedish team without the biggest star and several other profiles.

SVT Sport has previously stated that Sarah Sjöström does not include the short course championship in her planning.

Prioritize training

Former Michelle Coleman, who is a total winner in the World Cup, also opted out of the competition. Instead, she prioritizes training.

- Since I have competed all autumn, I have given up my stamina job a bit and focused on speed and to maintain strength. After the last cluster in the World Cup (in November) we will go to Thailand and put in a slightly larger block of training for the Olympic season, Coleman tells TT.

Sisters Hansson and Victor Johansson are college swimmers in the US and will not compete in the European Championships.

Erik Persson, Simon Sjödin and Robin Hanson are pre-nominated for short course European Championships and will participate. The rest of the squad will be taken out after the short course SM in Eskilstuna November 13-17.

"Different conditions"

Ulrika Sandmark sees no problem in so many of the best Swedish swimmers forfeiting the championship. The Tokyo Olympics this summer govern the swimmers' schedule:

- This has always been the case and it is a matter of having different conditions. For Michelle, for example, it has been great with the World Cup because she has to compete a lot for her injury. Erik (Persson) needs to compete internationally and pick final places. It's a little different what each one needs.

Sweden took seven medals, three gold, three silver and one bronze, in the short course European Championship 2017 and Sjöström took four individually and was the anchor in two team caps.