Marathon "I heard that the cost of implementation in Sapporo was the national burden" Governor Koike October 18 18:18

The Tokyo Governor Koike, the governor of the organizing committee, said that the government would pay for the expenses when it was held in Sapporo, over the proposal to move the Tokyo Olympic marathon and racewalk to Sapporo. I made it. On the other hand, Governor Koike said, “There is no change in my feelings in Tokyo,” and expressed his intention to continue in Tokyo.

The IOC = International Olympic Committee announced a plan to move the Tokyo Olympic marathon and racewalk venue to Sapporo as a countermeasure against the heat, and President Bach announced that he had agreed with the Organizing Committee on the 17th. did.

Governor Koike said at the press conference on the 18th that the plan to move to Sapporo was first heard from Secretary General Muto of the organizing committee who met on the 15th the day before the announcement by IOC. I explained that it was explained to the minister in charge of the Olympics and Paralympics, some members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, and the Hokkaido side.

After that, “If we asked what the expenses would be if we were going to be in Sapporo, then Secretary-General Muto said,“ The country has it, ”and“ The venue was only changed by marathon and racewalking. ”

On the other hand, Governor Koike said, “There is no discussion with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government about when and who have been considering it, and we have to be very doubtful that the proposal for Sapporo was suddenly made. The feeling of being in Tokyo hasn't changed since I've repeated it, "he said, and expressed his intent to continue running races and marathons in Tokyo.