Last year, Högsbo was newcomers to the basketball league - a rather fearless one.

The team went all the way to the final, where Umeå eventually became too tough.

For this season, the team is once again defeated. Success coach Robin Sandberg has left for Luleå, while several leading players such as Hanna Johansson, Tiasha Gray and Alexis Hyder have left the team.

In, Jonas Fredriksson has come to lead the team, and he has got a taste start to the season. Today Visby was beaten back by 98-70 when the team took the third straight victory, previously Wetterbygden and Telge were defeated.

In today's match, the US new acquisition Kourtni Dinae Perry showed the class with 19 points. The team now tops the series together with Norrköping.