Kiki Bertens hopes to take a new step towards a ticket for the WTA Finals on Friday. The Westland team will take on Kristina Mladenovic in the quarterfinals of the indoor tournament in Moscow. Follow the party in this live blog.

Good morning, my name is Rob Hirschmann. Welcome to our live blog about the quarter-final of the WTA tournament in Moscow, which includes Kiki Bertens . De Wateringse will take on Kristina Mladenovic at 11 am. When it comes to winning, Bertens once again does good business with a view to the WTA Finals .

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2 minutes ago

Bertens set! 1-1

Kiki Bertens plays her seventh third set in a month! She goes a step further in the second set and now completely dominates the competition. Can she extend this to the decisive set?

6 minutes ago

5-2 A very strong game from Bertens! Mladenovic tries to fool Bertens with some challenges, but the Wateringse cannot be fooled. She is close to set profit.

10 minutes ago

4-2 After a long service game, Mladenovic makes 4-2. The following game is very important for Bertens.

19 minutes ago

Break Mladenovic! 4-1

All of a sudden there is Mladenovic's break, which is more opportunistic in the wide backlog. Bertens still has a large lead.

26 minutes ago

Break Bertens! 4-0
Bertens is on roses in the second set. Mladenovic has nothing to say about the brighter Bertens, who forces more and more errors with her opponent.

30 minutes ago

3-0 Bertens dominates in the second set. She has clearly stepped up. Is a third set in the making?

33 minutes ago

The WTA calls it 'The Battle of the Kikis'. Mladenovic is called Kristina from the front, but her nickname is indeed Kiki.

First set to @KikiMladenovic in the Battle of the Kikis! Leads Bertens 6-4! #KremlinCup

Avatar AuthorWTAMoment of places12: 06 - 18 October 2019

34 minutes ago

Break Bertens! 2-0

And there is immediately the break for Bertens, who starts the second set sharply. She takes more initiative, although Mladenovic now also makes more mistakes.

37 minutes ago

1-0 A fast game for Kiki Bertens at the start of the second set. She tries to increase the pressure during the rallies.

42 minutes ago

Mladenovic set! 4-6

Bertens has plenty of opportunities to break back, but is sloppy at the breakpoints. After a long game, Mladenovic wins the first set.

an hour ago

4-5 A great game from Bertens, who now needs a break to stay in the set.

an hour ago

3-5 Mladenovic is almost in the first set. Bertens tries to show more initiative, but still plays too changeable.

an hour ago

3-4 Bertens wins the game. Her coach Elise Tamaëla enters the track during the break. Raemon Sluiter is not among them in Moscow either.

an hour ago

2-4 Mladenovic keeps its service. It is difficult for Bertens to come under pressure.

an hour ago

Break Mladenovic! 2-3

Bertens delivers her service against the strong playing Mladenovic, who dominates in the rallies.

an hour ago

2-2 Bertens gets a breakpoint, but Mladenovic keeps her service through good offensive play.

an hour ago

Quick thinking and quick hands from @kikibertens! #KremlinCup

Avatar AuthorWTAMmoment of places11: 23-18 October 2019

an hour ago

2-1 Again Bertens service retention, which does not get in trouble.

an hour ago

The nice pass from Bertens in the previous game.

Leaving Mladenovic wrong-footed, it's @kikibertens! #KremlinCup

Avatar AuthorWTAMoment of places11: 19 - 18 October 2019

an hour ago

1-1 Mladenovic keeps its service game, despite the pressure from Bertens. It becomes deuce, but otherwise the Frenchwoman won't let it happen.

an hour ago

Bertens is currently ninth in the world ranking. The first eight qualify for the WTA Finals. However, it is expected that Serena Williams (number 8) will cancel the lucrative final tournament.

an hour ago

Bertens is 15-30 behind, but then serves himself to win the game: 1-0 for the Wateringse.

2 hours ago

We have started! Kiki Bertens has started serving.

2 hours ago

The players enter the court and start the warm-up soon.

2 hours ago

Bertens takes points anyway for her ranking, because last year she was eliminated in the second round of the tournament. She then lost to Aliaksandra Sasnovich.

2 hours ago

Bertens and Mladenovic faced each other once in the singles. That was in 2016 during the Fed Cup meeting between the Netherlands and France. Bertens won that game in two sets. It didn't help the Dutch team, which eventually lost the game 3-2. In the doubles, Bertens played twice against Mladenovic. She lost both matches.

2 hours ago

Bertens wants to take a new step towards WTA Finals
From 11 a.m. Kiki Bertens will again have a chance to take a good step towards the WTA Finals in Shenzhen. She then plays the quarterfinals against the Frenchwoman Kristina Mladenovic at the Moscow WTA tournament. With a win, she might play in the semi-finals against the Swiss Belinda Bencic, her biggest competitor in the battle for a ticket to China.

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