The Spanish Football Federation announced the postponement of the "Clasico of the Earth" between Barcelona and Real Madrid, which was scheduled to be held on 26 of this month in the tenth week of Liga, at Camp Nou stadium, Barcelona stronghold, in light of the current turmoil in Catalonia and the crisis of demonstrations and skirmishes with the police.

Accordingly, he addressed the Spanish reports on the possible date of the clasico, after it set the 18th of December next, while the league proposed the league on the seventh of the same month, before the Spanish Football Federation finally announced its decision to postpone the game to December without specifying today. Until now.

The Spanish federation has proposed that the game be held on time, but with the transfer of the game to the Real Madrid "Santiago Bernabeu", which was rejected by both Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the current rivals for the top of the league, with Madrid taking first place with 18 points and a difference The two points for traditional rivals Barcelona.