Opening of the Golf Japan Open 23-year-old Hoshino started 2nd October 21:29

The “Japan Open”, which decides the best male golfer in Japan, opened, Australia's Brendan Jones took the lead, and 23-year-old Rikuya Hoshino took second place with a one-stroke difference.

The tournament was held in Koga City, Fukuoka, with 120 professionals and amateurs from both Japan and overseas, and Brendan Jones, who has won 15 national tournaments, has six birdies in the first round. I went around with three three unders and took the lead.

Hoshino, who won the tour's first victory last year and is aiming to become the first major national champion, placed 2nd in 1 stroke with 5 birdies and 3 bogies. In addition, Yuta Ikeda and other four players are in third place with one stroke.

Shuhei Imahira, the top prize player, was 7th in the even par, and Satoshi Ishikawa, who was aiming to win the tournament for the first time, was lagging behind, with 72 shots of 5 over.

The tournament will be held until the 20th, and NHK will relay it on TV and BS1 every day.