"Welcome to the basketball course ...".

For ten years, the October 16 are by Andrés Montes .

The legendary journalist, famous for his narratives in both basketball and football, died in 2009 due to an acute myocardial infarction. His phrases and motes accompanied the NBA lovers for years, sweetened the historic World Cup in basketball that Spain won in Japan and gave their last arreones with Julio Salinas in the Spanish football league .

Account Antoni Daimiel , Montes' partner for a decade in the early hours that Canal + dedicated to the NBA, that Montes is still "quite present" in his life. And he would say that in the life of all who ever heard him. They are still present their 'pints', the bow tie and the colors that he was never ashamed to use, the round glasses and the perfectly shaved head. And, of course, the phrases, the motes, the tone ("Daimiel!", "Salinas!", Surely you have read it with your voice) that are still used today in everyday conversations.

" Welcome to flight number 23, Jordan Airlines ...". And surely to mind that robbery of Jordan Malone, the suspension and the sixth ring of the Bulls.

'Computer science at your service' was John Stockton; American Graffiti , Pedja Stojakovic; 'Cruella de Vil', Dennis Rodman; 'Sad Song of Hill Street', Tim Thomas; 'Candy', Carmelo Anthony; 'Metallic jacket', Chris Mullin; 'Chinatown', Juwan Howard; ' White Chocolate ', Jason Williams; 'Clemenza', John Starks; 'Cortefiel', Flip Saunders; ' E.T', Pau Gasol; 'Article 34' and 'Chairman of the board of directors of the Geppeto Brothers', Shaquille O'Neal; 'The man of the mambo', Karl Malone; 'The bridge over the Kwai River', Rick Mahorn; 'The Lord of the Rings', Horace Grant; 'The best advantage of the league butt', Anthony Mason; 'That strange element called Horry', Robert Horry; 'Black Label', Rasheed Wallace; ' Silk thread ', Allan Houston; ' In the getto ', Gary Payton; 'In the navy', David Robinson; ' Juan Palomo ', Gilbert Arenas; ' Tim, 21st century, Duncan ; 'The Turkish passion', Hedo Turkoglu; ' Manicure ', Mike Bibby; 'Melody of seduction', Latrell Sprewell; 'Memories of Africa', Dikembe Mutombo; ' Oh la la ', Tony Parker ',' Why are you so good? ', Tracy McGrady; 'Robin Hood', Dirk Nowitzki; 'Rodolfo Valentino', Pat Riley; 'He let himself go', Christian Laettner; 'Scooooootie', Pippen; 'Red telephone, calling Moscow', Gregg Popovich; ' Miller Time, Killer Time ', Reggie Miller; 'Vicente', Vince Carter.

Andrés Montes named absolutely everything that played an NBA track. "Welcome to the club", when a broadcast began; "Today I love you more than yesterday but less than tomorrow," in reference to Karl Malone and John Stockton; " Jugón!", "Ratatatatatatata !", "Go hake skewer!", "Wilma! Open the door for me!" ... They are endless phrases.

The World Cup in Japan brought us Sergio Rodríguez, ' Mojo Picón '; to 'Mister Catering', José Manuel Calderón; to 'Multipurpose', Jorge Garbajosa; to 'Spartacus', Felipe Reyes ...

And with football, the 'globalization' of his style. The " tiki-taka "

'Decoder', Deco; 'Captain Narváez', by Kiko; 'Kanouté shock absorbers', 'Beverly Hills', by the Bernabéu; 'Something moves south of the city', by the Calderón; 'Humphrey Bogart', Xavi Hernández; 'Moto GP', Dani Alves; 'Glue', Gattuso; 'Mr Gallumbos', Ljungberg; 'Sweet', Iniesta; 'The Milito Brothers', Gabi and Diego Milito; 'Gagoterapia', Fernando Gago; 'Tom Cruise', Raúl González; 'Wonder', David Villa.

With epic moments: ' Imagine that your daughter shows up one day with a boyfriend named Mertesacker, Salinas ', 'Cucurrucucu, Paloma', 'Football with fatatas', "Where are the keys, Salinas?", "That's not a pass, it is a declaration of love "," Soccer, passion of crowds "," What you need is love, Salinas ".

In short, always, whatever happens, " Life can be wonderful ."

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