No, as expected Twente did not have much to oppose the German big team Wolfsburg when they met in Germany tonight.

Wolfsburg won with a whole 6-0, figures that were actually well-deserved. Twente did not have the shadow of a chance, and did not actually get a single shot on Wolfsburg's Swedish goalkeeper Hedvig Lindahl.

Rolfö nodded in goal

Wolfsburg shot all the more, thus scoring six goals. One was made by Lindahl's Swedish teammate Fridolina Rolfö, who was allowed to jump a quarter into the second half. 17 minutes later she reached the highest on a post from Claudia Neto (who played with Rolfö in Linköping), and did something of a lobbnick over goalkeeper Daphne Van Domselaar.

However, the nicest goal of the match came eleven minutes later. From just over 25 meters, slightly to the left, Dutchman Dominique Bloodworth stepped forward and fired a shot that went in - just past the right intersection.

The other German team in the Champions League, Bayern Munich, took a comfortable victory. They won by 5-0 against Kazygurt. Swedish Amanda Ilestedt was missing because of the thigh injury that kept her away for a couple of weeks.