Madrid - Real Madrid have drawn up a mid-term plan to kidnap Spanish international midfielder Fabian Ruiz from Napoli despite a contract with the Italian club until 2023, according to news reports on Wednesday.

The newspaper pointed out that Real is so far adhering to the signing of the young Spanish international from Naples, although there is no penalty clause in the player's contract to allow Real to kidnap the player before the end of his contract with Naples.

The newspaper pointed out that the plan of Real depends on the disclosure of his desire to include the player in order to influence the player's negotiations with his club.

The 23-year-old is a big interest from Real, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona in Spain.

Napoli president Aurelio de Lorientes is looking to take advantage of the conflict to get the biggest financial gain from the sale of the player, especially as he has good negotiation experience.

The problem, however, is that Napoli may be asking for close to 120 million euros, contrary to the policy of Real Madrid in recent years, which relies on not spending lavishly on buying stars.

Napoli signed Ruiz from Real Betis in 2018 for 30 million euros.

The same newspaper reported last June that Real could set aside between 80 and 90 million euros for the player from Naples, but the player's participation with the Spanish team in the past period on a regular basis and the interest of more than one club to sign him may raise the fee requested by De Lorientes to dispense What makes it difficult for Real to join the player who proved the team's Champions League matches this season is the need for the team's efforts.

Ruiz's move to another club could break the record for the most expensive player to leave Napoli, Argentine Gonzalo Higuain, who left the club for Juventus in the summer of 2016 for 90 million euros.