"I can't do anything over the phone again and again" Husband of the woman who was washed away by the river October 16 19:41


In response to NHK's interview, a female husband who passed away in a river overflowing in Yamato-cho, Miyagi Prefecture, told NHK that he wanted to be prepared for a disaster.

Yoshiho Ishikawa (66) who lives in Yamato-machi, Miyagi Prefecture, lost his wife and part-time employee Yukimi (58) in the typhoon.

Yukimi worked part-time at the adjacent Tomiya City food factory from 6pm to 11pm on the 12th of this month when the typhoon approached Miyagi Prefecture.

I finished work at 11pm and tried to get home by car.

At this time, Mr. Kiho said he was worried about his wife trying to go back in the heavy rain and sent an email saying "Please keep your speed and be careful."

However, just a few minutes later, Yukimi-san called me to call for help, saying, “The road is flooded and I can't move.”

According to Yukimi's story, the engine suddenly stopped after water rushed into the car, and the car floated and was swept away onto the rice field by the road.

Kiho Ho immediately reported to the fire department and headed for help, but when he went to the site, the whole area was like the sea and was not accessible.

As for the situation at that time, Mr. Kiyoho said, “If my door didn't open with water pressure and I couldn't break the window, I got many calls from my wife, but I couldn't do anything.”

After that, Mr. Kiyoho talked with Mr. Yukimi many times over the phone, but at 2:20 am, about 3 hours after the first contact, “If you ca n’t get in touch with the fire department because your phone is n’t charged enough, Mr. Yukimi hangs up and says that this is the last exchange.

Yukimi's car seems to have flowed to the Konishi River flowing along the road, and on the evening of the 13th day after the typhoon left, Yukimi's body was found in a car that fell into the river.

According to the fire department, the crew and Yukimi who went to rescue were in touch until 3am and searched all night, but could not find them.

Yukimi said that she was always a shy woman who was pulling the family, so she was always embarrassed to be photographed, but she smiled at her daughter's wedding photos. The figure is contained.

Mr. Kiho looks back on his interaction with Yukimi and said, `` There were more things I could do, such as stopping going to work or advising to get out of the car as soon as I could not move. I regret it. "

On top of that, “My wife didn't fully understand the power of this typhoon. I want to be prepared to learn lessons about my wife by gathering information early and refraining from going out as much as possible, so as not to repeat the same sacrifice.” I was complaining.