Volleyball Men's World Cup Japan won 4th place in Canada in the final round, October 15th 23:09

The volleyball boys' World Cup final round was held in Hiroshima City, and Japan finished the tournament in 4th place with 8 wins and 3 losses in total after winning the full set.

Japan, who has ranked 11th in the world ranking, has made a breakthrough in this tournament and confirmed 4th place for the first time in 28 years. On the 15th, Japan faced Canada, which ranked 6th in the world in Hiroshima City.

In Japan, Yuki Ishikawa and 19-year-old Yuji Nishida, who had been scoring at this tournament as the axis of the attack, were removed from the starting lineup and faced with a central member.

The first set suffered an attack that made use of Canada's world-class heights and dropped 22 to 25, but in the second set, captain Masahiro Yanagida aces with a strong back attack and a good serve. I got back with 25 to 20 by deciding.

After this, the fifth set of the final set, which scrambled one set at a time and was greeted with a set count of 2 to 2, was taken on a 15 to 9 basis by Nishida, who had participated on the way, and decided a continuous ace with a strong serve and set count 3 I won the match in 2 pairs.

Japan was the fourth place since the 1991 tournament with a total of 8 wins and 3 losses in this tournament, and gained momentum for the medals set for the goals of the Tokyo Olympics next year.