Mohamed Salah, the most prominent and most prominent Arab player in the international and Arab newspapers, grabbed the spotlight last week with the announcement of the magazine "GQ" global after publishing pictures with international model Alessandra Ambrosio, and then published a video behind the scenes of photography, on his personal account on the social network Instagram, which is what Adding to the audience sparked a great wave of interaction and criticism.

And then spread on social networking sites pictures of the comics, which turned the situation into a mock bloody, in the confrontation between Mohammed Salah and Maggie (Umm Mecca), and commented an account, "Mohammed Ibn Auf", on the social networking site Twitter, saying: "Aloooo, Umm Mecca Abu Salah got a new video and Mashouh supported him as he said I mean, he does not care.

Mohamed Salah commented for the first time on that comedy with the expression "Emotion Laughing", in an expression of his happiness in the comics, which came in the image of the Egyptian star Mohamed Henedy.

The Egyptian player Mohamed Salah, suffered a serious injury in his team's last game Leicester City, threatened to participate against Manchester United in the summit of the ninth round of the English league, but Liverpool