Sprint specialist Moa Lundgren is one of Sweden's most promising cross-country skiers. But she's not just fast on snow. When the Terrain Championships in Umeå ended with 10,000 meters during Sunday, IFK Umeå rider took her first individual Championship medal when she ran into a silver spot.

- It feels very big, says Moa Lundgren to SVT Sport.

"She who won has jumped Finnkampen"

- I had a very poor track of who I met and how they ran, but she who won has run Finnkampen and won, I was told afterwards. But it was nice to stand up and not have such preconceived opinions.

Lundgren opened hard and pulled the first four kilometers, even though the tactics were quite different.

- Dad said he thought it was good not to open that rock hard, it might not be the weather to lie down and pull. Then it can be good to save on yourself. But once I got a gap with her who won, then every meter I got was important.

Lundgren eventually ran in goal eight seconds after the winner from Hälle IF, Samrawit Mengsteab. Now Lundgren hopes that the running will have an effect in the ski track as well.

- If I can do this I might be able to go even faster the last race on the sprints. Either I'll go three minutes or three miles, this middle distance has been a little difficult for me, I haven't been able to keep the same speed for 20 minutes.

- I hope I can pass this on cross-country skiing.

The craving for more running - just like Johaug

Moa Lundgren is not the only skier who has impressed in running lately. In August, Therese Johaug became Norwegian champion of 10,000 meters on track. This weekend she won the six-kilometer race during the NM in cross-country skiing in superior style, almost half a minute before the second.

After all, Therese Johaug has hinted that she is craving the European Championships next year, do you think in similar trajectories?

- I love to compete, as soon as I get the chance, I line up and compete. Then I think it's a good form of exercise. It's not that hard to make me compete.

So if Karin Torneklint from the athletics association calls ...?

- If it fits in, I'm not late to answer yes. The hard thing is that you have to choose, the ski season only goes then you have to take it when it suits you. I can't promise a full-scale venture, they get what they get.

"U23 very attractive"

Moa Lundgren, who is part of the development team, debuted in the 2018 World Cup, her first place being the seventh place Falun's sprint last season. In addition, she won sprint gold in the U23 World Cup in Lathis 2019.

The goal of this season is first and foremost to go well in the Swedish premiere in Gällivare at the end of November, so as to get the chance in the World Cup.

- And since it is not a championship year, U23 is very attractive. It is a long season, it will be exciting to see how to pallet with it.