Roger Federer has decided to participate in the Olympic Games in Tokyo next year. It will be the fifth time the tennis legend has taken part in the largest sporting event in the world.

"I have been discussing with my team for a month what to do in the summer after Wimbledon and before the US Open. My heart has decided to participate in the Olympic Games," Federer said Monday.

The 38-year-old Swiss participated in the Games in 2000 (Sydney), 2004 (Athens), 2008 (Beijing) and 2012 (London), but never won gold in singles. In 2008, he and his compatriot Stan Wawrinka won the Olympic title in the doubles.

At the 2012 Games, Federer managed to reach the final in singles, but the twenty-time Grand Slam winner had to acknowledge his superiority in home player Andy Murray. In 2016 he was unable to participate in the Games due to an injury.

"I was allowed to wear the Swiss flag at the opening ceremony of 2004 and 2008 and have two Olympic medals in my pocket. I would love to participate again and I look forward to it," said Federer, who just after the Games 39.