Volleyball Men's Japan National Team won Iran and won 5 consecutive wins October 13th 23:39

In the ninth round of volleyball men's World Cup in Hiroshima, Japan won a set count of 3 to 1 against Iran and scored 7 wins and 2 losses in 5 consecutive wins.

Japan, which ranks 11th in the world ranking, is ranked 4th out of 12 teams so far, aiming for the first podium in 42 years since the 1977 tournament.

On the 13th, in the 9th round in Hiroshima City, they faced Iran, the 8th place in the world, and before the game, the players of both teams were sacrificed by Typhoon No.19, which caused tremendous damage in various places. I gave a silence.

The first set, Japan, took the lead with a sharp spike and angled service ace of Yuki Ishikawa of Ace, and took 25-16.

The second set was dropped 26-28, but the third set was a good 19 year old, Yoshi Nishida, who decided the service ace and sharp spikes in the match and took it 25-25.
And in the fourth set, Ishikawa's intense back attack scored 25 to 21, and defeated Iran with a set count of 3 to 1.
Japan was the first men's World Cup to win five consecutive victories, with a total of 7 wins and 2 losses.
On the 14th, the 10th round will be held, and it will be the first place in the world to play against Brazil, the leader in all wins so far.