• ACB. Real Madrid gives another feast against Fuenlabrada

It has always been an obsession for this chronicler the relief in Spanish basketball, the new generations of players that assure us a future worthy of the past of our national team and a league competition in which foreigners, nationalized, Cotonou and other sources do not They monopolize everything. Frankly, when you see playing teams that were synonymous with quarry and today barely sport a native player or two within their respective rotations, one sometimes puts himself in doubt that basketball has a guaranteed future in Spain ...

That is why we are having a good time with the strategy of a Pablo Laso who is facing a true avalanche of matches between national and European competitions with some reliefs that give rest to his fundamental men - on Sunday, the very busy Facundo Campazzo had a holiday day- and throwing his youth without complexes into battle.

A couple of performances as a member of the titular quintet have been enough to confirm that Usman Garuba , 17, from Madrid, is already an elite four in the ACB: as it happened with Niko Mirotic and Luka Doncic , the Madrid coach is not afraid to launch Your boys to beasts very soon. This ensures a future ... at least until they turn 19, which is unfortunately what the minimum age of the NBA draft allows Europeans to enjoy our young figures. So we have three seasons of Garuba ahead.

His partner Mario Nakic is one year older than Garuba, and that lowers the horizon to two seasons according to the NBA system. But do not despair: not everyone falls to the first, like Doncic, and the parade of young Spanish for this edition of the ACB league, with Carlos Alocén, Jonathan Barreiro, Xavi López-Aróstegui, Santi Yusta, Darío Brizuela, Rubén Guerrero or Alberto Abalde makes us hope that, after the miracle of the World Cup, there is a future ...

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