Boxer Nouchka Fontijn thought for an hour on Sunday that she had written Dutch sports history by becoming world champion in Ulan-Ude in Russia, but after a protest by opponent Lauren Price it turned silver. That blow hit hard at the 31-year-old Schiedamse.

"I am really very disappointed", Fontijn said in a short reaction via the Dutch Boxing Union. "I imagined myself in a bad film, which also got worse."

The jury scored the final against Price 3-2 in favor of Fontijn, but Wales protested against the score in the second round after the game.

That round had initially gone to Fontijn, but after a new jury had once again looked at the images, it was converted into a win for Price. As a result, the final score changed to 3-2 for the boxer from Wales.

"I felt like a world champion, but an hour later I lost my first World Cup gold," said Fontijn, who was already on the podium when it was announced that a protest had been filed. "I suddenly heard a lot of cheers from the room where the Wales delegation was sitting. Then I knew enough and I walked out of the hall. I could no longer afford to go to the ceremony."

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