Canada National Team Canceled Volunteer Activities in Kamaishi October 13th 18:10

Canadian players who were scheduled to participate in a match in Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture of the Rugby World Cup, which was canceled due to the typhoon, tried to show gratitude for the support so far, etc. I participated in a cleanup volunteer.

Rugby's Canadian team has been training in the city from 10th of this month to participate in the World Cup game in Kamaishi.

The game on the 13th was canceled due to the impact of Typhoon No.19, but Kamaishi City was hit by a typhoon and 17 other players and coaches were scheduled to participate in the game to show their appreciation for citizen support and hospitality. Participated in a cleaning volunteer to clean up the earth and sand in the city.

Because the city area was flooded for a while, sediment and debris accumulated in front of the house, but the representative members gathered together with local residents using scoops and brushes, and packed them one after another. did.

The local man said, “I thought they were strong but had a gentle heart. I was happy to help.”

“We had a great time touching Kamaishi's compassion, and I would like to thank you for having a valuable experience in Japan,” said Canadian Canadian Andrew Kor.