Japan in the best 8 advance tactics that are not afraid of risk

(No V) Japan has risen to 7th place in the latest world ranking of rugby. Rugby's world ranking is converted by the international headquarters, “World Rugby”, and the results of each team's game are converted into points, and updated during each World Cup. Japan played 28 to 21 against tomorrow's Scotland in the final round of the World Cup first league in Yokohama. As a result, the world ranking has risen from 8th place to 7th place, a record high. In the top 10, France dropped to 8th place, replacing Japan. Japan will face the fifth place South Africa in the quarter finals in Chofu City, Tokyo, on the 20th of this month after finishing the first league in four consecutive wins.

Scotland was a major defeat in the last tournament, and missed the final tournament despite winning three.
Japan ’s captain, Reach Michael, is eager to win a match with a fateful opponent who will be in a similar situation this time. Was showing.

In that game, Japan was up and struggling with the early defense of Scotland and the pressure of crowding, but it was defeated by the preemptive try.

In particular, I was able to see the growth of Japan during the trial.
In the first half of 17 minutes, when Kenki Fukuoka, who was the first starter of the tournament, got out of the way, he took an off-road pass to Kotaro Matsushima of the wing while taking the tackle and took a try.
The off-road pass decided here is one of the tactics that are not afraid of the risks that have been refined by Joseph Head Coach.

The Japanese rider gained momentum by connecting off-road passes at the last minute of 25 minutes, and finally Prota's Keita Inagaki decided the first try by the representative.

Furthermore, just before the end of the first half, the center's Rafael Timothy got a great opportunity from the exquisite kick that created the space behind the opponent. Fukuoka player showed the acceleration power he had before, slashed his opponent's defense and took 3 consecutive matches.
Fukuoka was too busy in the second half to take away his opponent's ball and bring it to a solo run.

On the other hand, in terms of defense, Scotland's power-based attack was defeated in three trials, but the kick processing that was well-prepared for the match had few mistakes and could lead to a definitive pinch. There was not.

Accumulated growth for Japan, who has accumulated tactics and confidence that are not afraid of risk in harsh practice, and who has been regretted for 4 years and has been insulting on the stage of the same World Cup, and has achieved the best of 8 wishes. It was one battle that was shown.

Vice Chairman Kiyomiya “I want to praise FW players”

Vice Chairman Katsuyuki Kiyomiya of the Japan Rugby Association cited “Stable Scrum” and “Defense in the Mall” as the factors behind Japan ’s first final 8 entry.

Vice Chairman Kiyomiya appeared on NHK's program after a match between Japan and Scotland on the night of the 13th and said, “I thought I would do it, but I was really happy to see this figure,” while saying “I am “I was able to win 4 consecutive wins at various places. I think it was an easy fight,” recalled the results of the first league.

And “Japan is the same today, scrum has always been stable in this tournament. Also, defense at the mall was the key to supporting the breakthrough. I want to give up forward players. "

Japan will face South Africa in the next quarterfinal, which won the first league of the previous tournament, but Vice Chairman Kiyomiya said, “Koto no South Africa is a completely different team. “He was big, fast and strong, desperately defending. It ’s a wall,” he said. “Especially two people in rock would be key players in defense.”

He also pointed out how to fight in Japan: “Since two people come to tackle, it is necessary to devise to pass or run diagonally at short distances to avoid it well.”