Boxer Nouchka Fontijn has seldom grabbed her first world title in Russia on Sunday. The Dutchman was already ready to receive the gold at the medal ceremony, but her opponent filed a protest at the last minute and received a hearing.

Fontijn won in the final of the class up to 75 kilograms initially on points of the British Lauren Price, of whom she lost earlier this year in the final of the European Games.

During the presentation of the medals at the World Cup in Russia, however, it was announced that a protest had been submitted by Price, who was found to be in favor of the jury not much later and still received the gold.

The 31-year-old Fontijn, who stayed away from the final award ceremony, has to settle for World Cup silver again. Last year and in 2016, she already lost the final. At the 2014 World Cup, she won bronze.

Fontijn also won silver at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro three years ago.

Fontijn still not sure about Playing

For Fontijn, her place in the World Cup final does not mean - unlike in previous years - that she is certain of participating in next year's Olympic Games in Tokyo.

That has to do with the fact that it was long uncertain whether boxing would remain an Olympic part due to abuses at the global boxing association AIBA. Boxing retained the Olympic status, but a qualifying tournament will follow next year.