"Physical age" is younger than actual age. Large increase in 50s Oct 14th 7:48

14th is a day of physical education. As a result of a survey of physical fitness and athletic ability conducted every year by the Sports Agency, it can be seen that in the last 20 years of Heisei, the proportion of people who are younger in physical strength age than the actual age has increased significantly in their 50s It was.

The Sports Agency investigates the measurement of physical strength and athletic ability, such as grip strength and upper body aging, every year, and last year (Heisei 30), the last year in Heisei, was about 6 to 79 years old. It was conducted for 14,000 people.

Comparing the actual age with the “physical age” calculated by the Sports Agency based on the measurement results, the percentage of people with a lower “physical age” than the actual age is 50 years old since 1998, 20 years ago. I found out that it has increased significantly in the teens.

Specifically, the proportion of men aged 55 to 59 years old whose physical strength age is younger than their actual age was 30.9% in 1998, compared to 52.5% last year, an increase of more than 20 points. More than half accounted for.

The number of women of the same age also increased from 36.5% 20 years ago to 54.8%, and more than half of them are younger than their actual age.

On the other hand, in the age group of 35 to 39 years old, there was only a slight increase in men, and the number of women decreased significantly from 40.3% to 26.8%.

Regarding the fact that women in their 30s are declining in physical strength and athletic ability, the Sports Agency's research team stated that “Women's social advancement is one of the factors. How to solve it is a national issue.” is.