An elected EELV made an official request Friday night at the city council in Nantes to name a street in the city in tribute to the missing footballer.

A new tribute to Emiliano Sala could soon see the day in Nantes. Less than a year after the death of footballer FC Nantes, killed January 21 in a plane crash while joining Cardiff from France, the city council of Nantes has received a request to name a street in the city in his honor, Friday night.

"It would be a strong and symbolic act for this tragically lost player," said elected EELV Patrice Boutin to justify his official request, reports Ouest-France. The elected specifically asked "that the name of a street is given to Emiliano Sala, the player of FC Nantes, whose name is chanted every 9th minute games at the Beaujoire". In three and a half years, Emiliano Sala has scored 48 goals in 133 games under the colors yellow and green, becoming the darling of the public in Nantes.

He dies when joining his new club by plane

The striker, who played at FC Nantes since 2015, died on 21 January in a plane crash while joining Cardiff, his new club where he had just been transferred against 17 million euros. After experiencing a restless flight, Emiliano Sala seemed concerned about this return flight to Cardiff. In a voice message sent to his friends, the player does not hide his concern: "Guys, as I'm afraid! If in an hour and a half you have no news of me, it may be necessary to send someone one to look for me ".

According to a report detailing the last minutes of the flight, the aircraft began a descent maneuver from 4,400 feet at 20:15 (approximately 1,300 meters) to 3,900 feet at 20:16 and 12 seconds (less than 1,200 meters). It fell abruptly to 1,600 feet a few seconds later (less than 500 meters), before rising to 2,300 feet at 20:16 and 34 seconds (700 meters), according to the latest data recorded by the radars.

The plane did not have black boxes, as allowed by regulation. Emiliano Sala's body was found on the wreckage of the plane and recovered on 7 February. The pilot David Ibbotson remains missing.