There were nervous seconds after the 22-year-old landed his first jump. The landing was not completely straight and looked to be a point deduction. The American was also only second in qualifying, the gold was far from clear in advance, although she was obviously a big favorite.

The review showed that she had the margins with her and stayed on the carpet. After a perfect landing in the second jump, she looked exuberantly happy and sailed up in clear direction.

Last out was countryman Jade Carey who looked to threaten Biles but failed to stay on the mat after the second jump. Silver for her instead and Simone Bile's 23rd World Cup medal became a gold for the 17th time.

Later on Saturday night, she will try to write history again. Then she can take her first World Cup gold in conifer and her 24th World Cup medal. Then she beat the Belarusian Vitalij Sjtjerbo, who collected 23 World Cup medals during her career.