Rugby World Cup Scottish Rugby Association Match holding appeal October 11th 21:57

In the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, the final game in Scotland's first league may be affected by Typhoon No. 19, and the organizing committee of the tournament will determine whether it will be held on the morning of the 13th. doing. On November 11, the Scottish Rugby Association met and urged them to hold the match, saying, "I don't mind if you postpone or change the location, so I want you to play."

The final game of Scotland's first league will be held at Yokohama International Stadium from 7:45 pm on the 13th.

The game may be affected by Typhoon No.19, and the Organizing Committee of the tournament decides whether it will be held on the morning of the 13th.

According to the rules of the tournament, a match that was canceled in the primary league will not be postponed.

If Ireland from the same group decides to advance to the final tournament against Samoa on the 12th, Scotland will be defeated in the first league even if they score 2 points in Japan.

Mark Dotson CEO of the Scottish Rugby Association met in Yokohama on the 11th, “We have been preparing for this game for four years. It is possible to postpone the day or change the location. I don't have a match, so I would like you to play a match, "and revealed that he strongly appealed to the World Rugby, the international headquarters that host the World Cup.

CEO Dotson said, “The tournament has been going great, but it is strange that the schedule is not flexible at all. World rugby should think again. We are also preparing a lawyer. "In the event of a game stop, he showed an attitude to take some measures.