Volleyball Men's World Cup Japan beat Russia 5th October 10th 23:50

In the seventh round of the volleyball men's World Cup, Japan won the powerful Russia by a set count of 3: 1 and scored a total of 5 wins and 2 losses.

The Volleyball World Cup is an international competition held once every four years. Japan, which ranks 11th in the world ranking, faced Russia, Russia, the 5th strongest player in the world who won a gold medal at the London Olympics in Round 7 in Hiroshima.

Japan lost five consecutive points to the opponent at the start of the first set, but grabbed the flow with Masayuki Yanagida's back attack and Yuki Ishikawa's service ace, and swept Russia at 25 to 22 I took a set.

Although the 2nd set was dropped 21:25, the 3rd set took a point with a skillful feint that staggered the opponent's timing. We decided and took 25 to 22.

The following 4th set was a 33-year-old veteran, Tatsuya Fukuzawa and Nishida took 25 points, such as taking consecutive points with Service Ace, and defeated Russia with a set count of 3: 1.

As a result, Japan ranked 3rd in a row with the United States with a total of 5 wins and 2 losses, but ranked 4th due to the difference in points.

On the 11th, the 8th round will be held, and Japan will face the 13th place Egypt.