Gymnastics Men's Group To the Tokyo Olympics Bronze medal response and issues Oct. 10 19:08

Japan representative of gymnastics boy aiming for group gold medal for two consecutive tournaments at next year's Tokyo Olympics. The world championship held in Germany was the same bronze medal as last year. Nevertheless, in the absence of Ace's Kohei Uchimura, the younger players such as Daiki Hashimoto, who was 18 years old for the first time, shined, and the results approached the two strongest in Russia and China.

Three members participated for the first time

In Japan, there were no Uchimura players and Kenzo Shirai players from the Rio de Janeiro Olympic group gold medalists, and the first time players such as Hashimoto entered the world championship.

While the lack of experience was a concern, 18-year-old Hashimoto played an important role since qualifying.
He gave a high score by performing beautiful performances one after another.

In addition, 22-year-old Kazuma Tsuji who participated for the third time participated in all six types in both qualifying and final. The team members brilliantly struggled with pulling the team with stable performance.

In the group final, Russia and China were all over half-way across the country. In addition to showing Japan's ability to compete well with the world without being a proven member, not only gained a response towards the Tokyo Olympics, but also expected players gained valuable experience.

On the other hand, issues remained.
In the second half of the final, Russia and China increased their concentration and accumulated high scores, but Japan was unable to improve their scores due to continued small mistakes such as a shake in posture.

In big tournaments such as the World Championships and the Olympics, it is required to complete beautiful gymnastics with attention to details.

Men's director Mizutori Susumu looked back on the final of the group and evaluated that “the players had all the power they have now”, but the fact that they could not improve the second half score, “The score was far beyond the ability. I have to correct these details for next year. "

Players such as Uchimura and Shirai will join the team, and a higher level of Olympic competition will be expected in the future.
Looking ahead, the gold medal for two consecutive men's groups.
The skill of the Japan Gymnastics Association is also attracting attention as to how to strengthen athletes towards Tokyo.


The world championship venue in the center of Stuttgart, Germany, has attracted more than 50,000 spectators in just four days of qualifying.
At the venue, there was a great encouragement and applause that was broken by the skills and actions of each player.
Adults stand up and express joy and regret, and children enjoy watching the game while dancing.
Even in Japan, where gymnastics is said to be “home art”, there is hardly any excitement so far. Why is it so exciting?

Germany is the birthplace of gymnastics

Originally, Germany is said to be the birthplace of gymnastics.
According to German gymnasts, the first gymnastics class in the world was made at the beginning of the 19th century, and afterwards, competitions and other events were gradually held in the region. did.

At the 1896 Athens Olympics, Germany won the first gold medal in the gymnastics group of men. He also won a gold medal at the local Berlin Olympics in 1936. Gymnastics popularity has become solid.

According to German gymnasts, there are currently 5 million athletes in Germany and more than 20,000 gym clubs.
Japan, which has a larger population than Germany, is said to have 30,000 people, so it's obvious how many.

In fact, there were many basic gymnastics fans in the tournament. A man in his thirties from a city 200 kilometers away from Stuttgart said, “All my wife and four children are doing gymnastics. I was looking forward to this day. Kohei Uchimura? Of course I know. “It ’s a great player, no one I do n’t know,” he said with a smile.

Stuttgart Pride

Stuttgart's interest in gymnastics seems to be special in Germany, the city where the tournament is held.
Stuttgart that "gymnastics festival" was held before World War II.
This is the third time the World Championship has been held, and local gymnasts say that Stuttgart has the pride of “the capital of gymnastics”.

During the tournament, people who come and go in the center of the city have a “Parcour” venue where a show related to gymnastics is held in a movie theater, and various obstacles are overcome by one body to compete for time. Was having fun.

In order to hold the World Championship three times, cooperation with local residents and companies is indispensable. Stuttgart has a well-established cooperation system, and 600 volunteers gathered at this tournament immediately.

In addition, in order to make the tournament even more exciting, local companies have made efforts to delight players and spectators when producing medals for players.

During the medal ceremony, gold, silver and bronze, the edges of each medal emit light and shine more beautifully. With this ingenuity, medals can be seen beautifully even for spectators sitting far from the podium at a crowded venue.
“There is no doubt that the competition will be exciting with this medal,” the official said with a smile.

The announcements that flow through the venue also play a role.
As soon as Japanese Hashimoto finished acting, he introduced “Japanese Young Star”. It was a great excitement of the venue, raising the interest of the audience. Hashimoto looked back with a smile, saying, “It was a great atmosphere.”
The organizer of this tournament aimed at spectator mobilization before the opening of the festival was 100,000 people.
However, the Stuttgart tournament cleared nearly half before the final.
The tournament seems to be even more exciting with fans who really enjoy gymnastics.