A scandal spotted by surveillance cameras inside a store and the seizure of Tunisian players stealing sneakers worth $ 3,000 during their participation in the mini-football world championships in Australia has been revealed by Seven News.

The report, aired on Tuesday, showed six players wearing jackets bearing the name of Tunisia and its national football team logo and stealing shoes.

The reporter tried to get a response from a Tunisian official who refused to go into the game, saying: "I don't know about the incident." The shopkeeper said he had "spoken to the concerned people after paying attention to the incident, but denied before returning eight shoes." After the police intervention. "

For their part, Tunisian newspapers reported the news, and "Sunrise" to publish a "video" of the players defending themselves in front of what was raised about the theft, and the players denied that one of them, considering that the video does not clarify anything, rejecting the claims of the Australian channel and said one of the players "None of us showed up hiding shoes in a bag or in clothes!" He said. "If so, it means that anyone can steal and get out of the store as they please."

The video of the channel was popular among Arab audiences, which dealt with the incident on social networking sites with a template of irony.

Tunisia lost the tournament to the final after losing to Mexico on Tuesday.